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Bear Alliance launched to give organizations stronger voice

The BC Bear Alliance, made up over more than two dozen bear organizations across the province, launched earlier this month. The group is dedicated to finding solutions to protect and co-exist with bears, according to Christine Miller, who was the education coordinator and executive director of the North Shore Black Bear Society for 15 years before retiring last year. Miller, who is co-chairing the new alliance, said the organization’s goal is simple: to consolidate the voices of dozens of groups across the province so they have a stronger front for advocating for a world where humans and bears can exist…
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Wildlife advocates form B.C. Bear Alliance, call for provincial watchdog

Wildlife advocates want body cameras on B.C. conservation officers tasked with responding to bear conflicts after more than 500 black bears were killed in the past year. More than two dozen advocacy groups — from Pacific Wild to Justice for B.C. Grizzlies — have joined forces, forming the B.C. Bear Alliance. Organizers say they want to promote improved co-existence between humans and bears in B.C.
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