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Sylvia Dolson

BCBA Update July 27, 2021

An update on (1) the needless killing of our bears, especially mothers, and orphaning of cubs; (2) issues with Ministry structure and how it affects bear management; (3) unnecessary radio collaring of released orphaned cubs; and (4) trapping bears in hot weather.

Orphaned Black Bear Cub Crisis – letter request, November 9, 2021

BC is in the midst of an orphaned black bear cub crisis, and your voice is needed to highlight the moral responsibility we have to capture orphaned cubs and get them to the safety of a licensed wildlife rehabilitation centre. BC has three such facilities that can provide food, a safe environment, and any necessary medicine to get orphaned cubs through the winter until they are ready to be released into their natural habitat the following year.

Open Letter to: Minister Katrine Conroy, FLNRORD

We have identified nine priorities on our website (, all of which involve assisting the people of British Columbia to coexist with bears and share the same habitats. As a new organization with a wealth of collective expertise, experience and skill sets, we welcome an opportunity to learn how we can assist FLNRORD in addressing the need for improved animal care considerations. Our first priority is to address improvements to the rescue and release of orphaned bears.

For Jeanie, my ursine friend

Thanks to Jeanie, we now have a richer understanding of bears, their strengths and weaknesses, their individuality and the depth of mother-love. She showed us that bears have unique emotions, quirks and personalities, and that perhaps we are more similar to bears than we imagined. Jeanie brought joy to all who were privileged to spend time in her company. She is truly missed.